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enterprise risk management
Your Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Partner

Empowering Leaders to Leverage Risk's Potential
Insights. Innovation. Advantage.

What We Do

Our consultancy specializes in risk and resilience, offering tailored services to help C-Suite and Board members incorporate advanced risk management techniques and processes into their executive decision-making to enable proactive organizational resilience.

We help Boards and the C-suite build risk aware cultures. 

How We Help Clients

Our business aids clients embed risk considerations into their strategic decision-making processes. We employ industry-standard frameworks like ISO 31000 and COSO, enhanced with proven methodologies that have been instrumental in modernizing the Army's talent management, rebalancing our Armed Forces to the Pacific, and combating terrorism. These same approaches are adapted to assist businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations in seamlessly incorporating risk management into their strategic planning.


Training & Workshops Risk Audit & Analysis Strategy Development Vendor Risk Audit ERM Program Development Supported Standards: ISO 31000, ISO 22301, COSO, DoD Mission Assurance, COOP, COOG, EMAC, DSCA, NFPA 1600

Enterprise Risk Management | ISO 27001 | ISO 31000

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