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enterprise risk management strategy
Customized Executive Seminars: Elevate Your Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Program

Unlock the power of strategic risk management with our tailor-made executive seminar series designed exclusively for boards of directors, risk committees, C-suite executives, and continuity professionals. Our comprehensive programs empower your leadership team with in-depth knowledge of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) while emphasizing the essential connections between strategy formulation, execution, feedback loops, and agile adjustments. Supported standards: ISO 31000, COSO, and ISO 22301. 

Our Approach:

Collaborative Curriculum Design: Our experts work closely with your team to develop a curriculum that aligns seamlessly with your organization's strategic goals and governance requirements. We understand the unique challenges you face and tailor the content accordingly. Our adaptable approach ensures relevancy regardless of your sector.

Tailorable Executive Sessions:

  1. Foundations of ERM Governance: Up to half-day education programs for Boards, C-suite executives, and continuity practitioners.

  2. Strategic Insights for ERM Governance Integration: Conducting half- to full-day workshops for Boards, executive teams, and continuity practitioners guiding them to seamlessly integrate strategic planning with ERM practices, risk threshold triggers and feedback strategies.

  3. Sustainable ERM Governance Processes – Transforming Culture from Risk Averse to Risk Aware: Full- to multi-day programs designed for executives and senior management, focusing on implementing sustainable ERM Governance practices and processes required to empower prudent risk taking and trigger timely communication when risk thresholds are passed.  

  4. Tailored Risk Assessments and Surveys: Designed to drive shared understanding and provide actionable insights about strategic risk exposures, gaps in existing ERM processes and risk thresholds to limit effective ERM Governance.  

  5. Strengthening ERM Governance: Evaluating current ERM Governance processes and practices to provide insights and recommendations to enhance your organization's strategic advantage through robust risk management.

enterprise risk management strategy

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