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governance risk management and compliance
Advancing Public Sector Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

Empower your agency with strategic risk management insights tailored for public sector leaders. This seminar series is uniquely designed for senior agency officials, departmental leaders, and those responsible for continuity and governance within public entities. Gain a deep understanding of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and its pivotal role in aligning agency strategy, feedback mechanisms, and responsive adjustments. Supported standards: ISO 31000, ISO 22301, NFPA 1600, and COSO. 

Our Public Sector Approach:

Collaborative Curriculum Development: Our seasoned professionals work hand-in-hand with your leadership to craft a curriculum that mirrors the priorities of your agency and aligns with governmental governance mandates. Recognizing the distinct challenges the public sector faces, we ensure that our content remains relevant to your mission and responsibilities.

Tailored Seminars for Government Leaders:

1. Public Sector ERM Foundations: Half-day education programs for agency heads, senior executives, and continuity specialists.

2. Strategic ERM Integration for the Public Sector: Half- to full-day workshops helping leaders merge strategic objectives with ERM best practices, risk alert systems, and feedback mechanisms.

3. Sustainable ERM in Government – Cultivating a Risk-Aware Culture: Multi-day seminars for senior leaders on establishing lasting ERM practices that encourage informed risk-taking and timely alerts when set risk levels are exceeded.

4. Government-Centric Risk Assessments and Surveys: Cultivating a unified understanding and delivering actionable insights regarding strategic risks, potential ERM process gaps, and risk boundary evaluations to bolster ERM effectiveness.

5. Augmenting Public Sector ERM Governance: Assessing present ERM methods and offering insights to amplify your agency's strategic positioning through solidified risk management.

governance risk management and compliance

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